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These days, competition is getting way too fierce. Only minds with creative ideas and unorthodox approaches are given preferences. For example, if you are a production track major student, you need to find innovative ideas that will impress the audience's minds. But having such an idea every time on your own could seem a bit difficult. In this situation, you can try something else. For example, you can watch movies from different dialects, cultures, countries, etc. It will help you gain some new information that could lead to increased imagination. 

If watching movies isn't helping, you can try movie review blogs. You can go through some blogs to find out what people expected from a movie and how it managed to deliver. In this way, you can find connections between people's expectations and reality. Reading movie blogs is important for production track major students. If you want to know why, read the following:

  1. First, if you read these blogs, you can discover scenes that have impressed audiences. It will help you discover what kind of things they support in movies.
  2. Apart from this, movie review blogs contain perspective of audiences. It will help you determine the things that audiences pay attention to in a movie. 

As a production track major student, it will be better if you read blogs by the other students in the field. For example, you can read blogs by upper level fellow students. Because these students have been through the same studies, they may be able to explain movies better than others. 

One available option for you, in this case, is Drew Cheskin Miami. He is a student at the University of Miami and a production track major student. Apart from academics, he has been an active extra-curricular activities participant.

Getting back to our focus on movie review blogs, Drew Cheskin University of Miami writes them too. His blogs are very good for a student. These blogs are helpful for audiences as well as other students. 

About Drew Cheskin:

Drew Cheskin writes movie review blogs that are to the point and easy to understand. 

For more information, visit: https://www.drewcheskin.com/


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